My grandfather passed his love of photography down to my father who then passed it on to me. I remember being mesmerized by my father's camera collection and the seemingly endless amount of filmstrips I would find tucked in the pockets of his worn camera bag that I still have to this day. When I was twelve years old I had already started my film camera collection and by the time I started working on digital, the rest was history.

My love of photography took a pause as I fell deeply in love with the environment. I studied and pursued environmental science, sustainability, botany, beekeeping and anything that might bring me closer to protecting the ground that we walk on. I received my Permaculture Design Certification and began managing an urban farm, keeping bees, sustaining a food forest and maintaining an aquaponic greenhouse at twenty years old. But I missed being in the darkroom. I missed having my face glued to the camera. The weight of climate change was too heavy for me to bear alone and I wanted to do something real and tangible with my love of photography. I packed up my bags and moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue my dreams of becoming a conservation landscape photographer and never looked back.

I recognize photography as a gateway to understanding parts of this world that one might not have had access to understand before. My ultimate goal is to inspire a protective response for the environment through my art. If I am able to make someone want to become a better steward of this planet, even in the slightest, my dream has come to fruition.